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A Magnetized Universe: How galaxies are influenced by magnetic fields

Although magnetic fields exist virtually everywhere, we still do not know quite a lot about the role they play in the evolution of our Universe. On galaxy scales and larger, they can be difficult to observe, but may play a crucial role in how they evolve. Today’s astrobite discusses work done to try and understand how initially weak fields in the early Universe can affect galaxy evolution over time.

SETI Near and Far – Searching for Alien Technology

Finding extraterrestrial intelligence would be one of the most enlightening and profound discoveries in history. Today’s post looks at two potential means of finding extraterrestrials by seeing their advanced technology elsewhere in the Milky Way and the Universe.

An Explosive Signature of Galaxy Collisions

Astronomers have known for a while that GRBs are sign-posts to galaxies which are forming lots of stars. But today’s paper used radio observations of the gas to connect that star formation to a recent merger.

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