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Measuring Galaxy Star Formation
Josh Fuchs Josh Fuchs 13 hours ago

How well do the current methods of measuring the star formation rate of galaxies match then known st… Read More

Shutting off Star Formation in Galaxies

As galaxies evolve they eventually stop forming stars. There are a host of (sometimes violent) proce… Read More

Three Stars in a High-Energy Dance
Meredith Rawls Meredith Rawls 4 days ago

Stars: steady-burning nuclear flames that pierce the darkness of space. Except when they're not. The… Read More

A Deeper Look into the Atmospheres of HR8799 c and d with GPI
Erika Nesvold Erika Nesvold 5 days ago

The authors break in the new Gemini Planet Imager with spectroscopy of the well-studied but not yet… Read More

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