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ESPRESSO: A scientific Pandora's box

Are you on the lookout to see if there are habitable planets are out there? Or do you want to see ho… Read More

Chondrule formation by shocks?
Michael Küffmeier Michael Küffmeier 3 days ago

Title: A critical analysis of shock models for chondrule formation Authors: Stammler & Dull… Read More

Gas to Black Holes: Direct formation of a supermassive black hole in galaxy mergers
Andrew Emerick Andrew Emerick 4 days ago

Supermassive black holes (SMBH) likely exist at the center of every massive galaxy in our universe.… Read More

Over My Dead Body: Keeping Dead Galaxies from Forming New Stars
Ben Cook Ben Cook 5 days ago

The authors of this paper pursued a mechanism which could possibly keep dead galaxies from forming n… Read More


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