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Taking a Gap Year - Part 1
Anson Lam Anson Lam 1 day ago

In the first of a series of posts, several of our Astrobiters talk about their experiences taking a… Read More

Applying to grad school in the US: a timeline

I find that thinking about major undertakings and not knowing where to start can be extremely stress… Read More

What's in a Heartbeat?
Meredith Rawls Meredith Rawls 6 days ago

Instead of happily orbiting in circles with constant velocity, the two stars spend most of their tim… Read More

Cosmic rays on the sky - where do they come from?
Elisa Chisari Elisa Chisari 1 week ago

Cosmic rays hit the Earth and produce showers of particles that can be detected on the ground. Under… Read More

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