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Mature Galaxies in an Immature Universe
Ryan Foltz Ryan Foltz 53 mins ago

The authors use a deep survey to locate rare galaxies which were among the earliest to form. Read More

Herschel's View of a Neighboring Planetary System
Nick Ballering Nick Ballering 3 days ago

Herschel provides an updated look at the debris disk in the popular planetary system, Tau Ceti. Read More

A white dwarf eating a debris disk
Korey Haynes Korey Haynes 6 days ago

This white dwarf is surrounded by a debris disk. What formed the disk, and what's destroying it now? Read More

Migrating Super-Earths vs. Terrestrial Planets
Jaime Green Jaime Green 1 week ago

Of all the kinds of planets we're finding around other stars—hot Jupiters and mini-Neptunes and thos… Read More

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