Apply to Write for Astrobites!

Astrobites is not currently accepting applications. If you are interested in writing for Astrobites, please read through what our application process looks like. Our next round of applications will be in the Fall of 2015. If you have any questions in the mean time, please email Thank you for your interest in Astrobites!


Application Details

  • Due Date: []
  • Required Application Information: Sample Astrobite post and the application at the bottom of this page, which includes two short essays.
  • Applications are reviewed anonymously. Please do not include your name or your affiliation in either your short essays below or in your sample Astrobite. Please do, however, include your name in the PDF file as “[firstname]_[lastname]_astrobite.pdf” This will be changed before being sent to the hiring committee.

Are you a graduate student interested in writing article summaries for astrobites? If so, please fill out the online application below and include a PDF of a sample astrobite by the application deadline of [not currently recruiting]. Please send us an email at if you have any questions about the application process. Your astrobite should summarize an astrophysics journal article that has not been featured on astrobites. Please do not write about one of your own papers for the sample astrobite. This call for regular authors is only open to current graduate students (including those entering graduate school in Fall 2014).

Your sample astrobite should discuss the motivation, methods, results, and conclusions of a published paper that has not been featured on Astrobites. We suggest you choose a paper that is at least 3 months old. Astrobites articles published during the author selection process will focus on newer papers, so you do not need to worry that your chosen article will be covered on astrobites. Please write at a level appropriate for undergraduate physics or astronomy majors and remember to explain jargon. We encourage you to provide links to previous astrobites or other science websites where appropriate. Your sample post should include at least one figure from the paper with an appropriate caption (not just the original caption). Figures may either be embedded in the text or placed at the end of the sample. Links may either be provided as hyperlinks or as parenthetical citations. There is no length restriction, but astrobites are usually between 500-800 words. We suggest you read a few Astrobites posts to get a sense for how posts are typically written. You might use them as a guide for your sample post.

The astrobites hiring committee will review submissions and invite new authors to join astrobites based on the quality of their sample astrobites and their responses to the two short essay questions below. The names and affiliations of the applicants will be concealed from the hiring committee until after the final list of candidates is selected in order to promote hiring equality. Successful candidates should expect to be notified by the end of November.

Please note that regardless of whether the applicant is selected to write for astrobites, submitted sample astrobites may be posted on astrobites as guest posts (with the applicant’s permission). We will notify applicants before posting their submissions and allow applicants to revise their posts before publication.

Submission Instructions for Sample Astrobite

  • Do not include your name or affiliation in the PDF file.
  • Save the astrobite as a PDF with the filename “[firstname]_[lastname]_astrobite.pdf”
  • Please title your sample astrobite as you would title a post on
  • Please pick an article published at least 3 months ago that was not featured on astrobites. Astrobites articles published during the author selection process will focus on newer papers, so you do not need to worry that your chosen article will be covered on astrobites.

What are the responsibilities of astrobites authors?

Astrobiters write one astrobite per month and edit another author’s astrobite once per month. Writing an astrobite typically takes 3-6 hours for experienced authors, but we all required more time when we first started writing for astrobites. Editing another author’s astrobite usually takes only 5-20 minutes. Some astrobiters also spend time contributing to the glossary pages, arranging for guest posts, representing astrobites at conferences, and maintaining the website. Those activities are entirely optional, so new astrobiters can choose how much time they would like to devote to the collaboration. Astrobites authors typically write for two years.



Affliation (School and Year)

Website (optional)

Please describe your research interests (100 words max)

Why would you like to write for astrobites? (200 words max)

Please upload your sample astrobite as a PDF