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Another hungry black hole devours a star

Maksym et al. investigate a possible tidal flare event in Abell 1795.

Where do hypervelocity stars come from?

TITLE: Supernovae in the Central Parsec: A Mechanism for Producing Spatially Anisotropic Hypervelocity Stars AUTHORS: Kastytis Zubovas, Graham A. Wynn, Alessia Gualandris AUTHORS’ INSTITUTION: Theoretical Astrophysics Group, University of Leicester Hypervelocity Stars In 2005, Brown et al. discovered a star with a radial velocity of ~700 km/s, which is more than 3 times the Solar […]

The effect of magnetic fields on star formation

Boss & Keiser examine how magnetic fields with varying initial conditions affect star formation.

A deep X-ray observation of Hickson Compact Group 62

Rafferty et al. study the effect of radio jets on the intracluster gas in Hickson Compact Group 62.

Sgr A*: A flickering black hole

Witzel et. al examine the statistical properties of the photometric variability of our Galaxy’s central black hole.

To be or not to be: central black holes in small stellar systems

Miller & Davies investigate whether central black holes should exist in low mass stellar systems such as globular clusters.

How to count stars you can’t see: the stellar IMF in distant galaxies

Van Dokkum & Conroy examane the variation of the stellar initial mass function by observing the integrated light from early-type galaxies.

Intermediate mass black holes: the elusive middle sibling

Strader et al. search for the elusive intermediate mass black holes in globular clusters.

The WISE way to deal with 2.7 million images: a public data release

The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) data release promises many new and exciting discoveries!

Measuring the Black Hole Mass in Markarian 6 using Reverberation Mapping

Doroshenko et al. use extensive monitoring of the continuum and broad line region luminosities of Markarian 6 to measure the central black hole mass.

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