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Has IBEX detected eddies in the spacetime continuum?

Douglas Adams’ fictional Ford Prefect famously warned us of eddies in the spacetime continuum. Has the IBEX spacecraft now found evidence that they really exist?

Interactive astronomy software produced by graduate students

We asked each student in our Harvard AY201b course to develop an online software module that they could use to teach their peers, and other students around the world. See the amazing results!

Announcing Astroplots!

Today Astrobites is launching a new project, a tumblr blog called Astroplots. You can visit or subscribe to Astroplots for brief updates on research in astrophysics, both historical and fresh off the (e-)presses. The format of this new blog is a little different than the main Astrobites site. Instead of describing a full work in […]

One week left to apply for Communicating Science 2013!

In January, we announced the Communicating Science 2013 workshop. Now there’s just one week remaining before the March 1st application deadline for the Workshop.

Visit Astrobites at the AAAS Meeting in Boston

Stop by our poster at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Apply Now for Communicating Science 2013!

Astrobites and Chembites are organizing a science communication workshop for graduate students to be held in June – you can apply now!

Can you hide a super-massive black hole?

Observational surveys looking for the smallest super-massive black holes come up empty; could they be hiding in plain sight?

The Prisoner’s Dilemma: A new solution to an age old problem

The Prisoner’s Dilemma is one of the classic problems in game theory, first posed in 1950 and studied exhaustively for generations. Remarkably, a new solution has been discovered that prompts us to re-examine long held principles.

Astrobites on the arXiv

The subject of today’s paper from the arXiv is… Astrobites

How to submit a paper

You’ve finally done it – completed your first scientific paper for publication. What do you do with it now?

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