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Grad students: apply now for ComSciCon 2015!

Graduate students from US institutions nationwide are invited to apply for ComSciCon 2015!

Interested in Exoplanets? Astrobiology? Apply now for ERES & AbGradCon2015

Calling undergrads, graduate students and early career scientists interested in exoplanet studies and/or astrobiology to apply for the Emerging Researchers in Exoplanet Science Symposium and/or the Astrobiology Graduate Conference.

Taking a Gap Year – Part 1

In the first of a series of posts, several of our Astrobiters talk about their experiences taking a year off to do research before starting graduate school.

Applying to grad school in the US: a timeline

I find that thinking about major undertakings and not knowing where to start can be extremely stressful. How am I supposed to know to be on top of something if I don’t even know I’m supposed to do it? In my experience, and maybe in yours as well, applying to grad school can be like that. This timeline is supposed to be a general outline for applying to astronomy graduate schools in the US generally from the perspective of a US-based student.

How to Apply for Grad School in Europe

Are you an American interested in applying abroad to Europe for graduate school? Here’s what you need to know!

Entering the Matrix: Exploring the formation history of a universe on your laptop

How Dylan Nelson produced amazing, interactive visualizations of the Illustris simulation

Why I left research for education

I recently decided to leave astronomy research to pursue only education. This is the story of how I got here.

Getting Started in Undergraduate Research

We have talked a number of times on here about NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs. But what if you want to stay at your undergraduate institution for the summer doing research? You know that professors are doing research and working with other students, but how do you get involved? Here are some ideas […]

Jobs for Astronomers: careers beyond the academic horizon

Our guest Ioanna Arka tells us about a great initiative: the web-based platform, which collects experiences, tips and job posts for “recovering astronomers”.

Apply Now for Communicating Science 2013!

Astrobites and Chembites are organizing a science communication workshop for graduate students to be held in June – you can apply now!

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