Are you never sure which scattering processes are relevant at different wavelength regimes? Don’t know the difference between type Ib and IIb supernovae? Can’t remember the distinction between ULIRGs, DOGs, and SMGs? If so, the pages listed below are just for you.

Click on each link below for a glossary of important terms and concepts in different areas of astrophysics.

Astronomy and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Citizen science efforts
Galaxy and AGN types and famous examples
Guide to astrophysical software
Guide to Graduate school
Guide to major telescopes
Spectroscopy and important spectral lines

Future glossaries?

  • Star types/famous stars
  • Supernova types/famous SNe
  • Famous textbooks
  • ISM phenomenon

These pages are perpetual works in progress, so you might find more information if you check back later!

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