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Jobs for Astronomers: careers beyond the academic horizon

Our guest Ioanna Arka tells us about a great initiative: the web-based platform, which collects experiences, tips and job posts for “recovering astronomers”.

What do we want graduate school to be?

We present responses from more than 400 Astrobites readers to our survey regarding the letter that has been the subject of recent controversy. What do you think this says about the graduate student expereince?

Women in science: on “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” and “My Fair Physicist? Feminine Math and Science Role Models Demotivate Young Girls.”

On Friday, many other scientists and I, both male and female, spent our mornings getting angry at a youtube video. The video in question, entitled “Science: It’s a Girl Thing,” was the launch video for an EU campaign to get more young women interested in science. It was posted Thursday and taken down Saturday due […]

Science Journalism: What I learned at the AAS meeting

Ever consider a career in science journalism? Here’s some advice on the topic, as well as reflections from someone who got to try it out for a few days!

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