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Arecibo Detects a Fast Radio Burst

A mysterious Fast Radio Burst (FRB) from beyond the galaxy has been detected at Arecibo. This is the first FRB discovered outside of Parkes Observatory, giving greater credence to the astronomical nature of these signals.

Astrobites Readership Survey 2013

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Data to the Extreme

Lots and lots more data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

Measuring Debris Disks’ True Sizes

Resolved images of debris disks with Herschel reveal their true sizes, and test the assumptions used in unresolved observations.

A Big Step Backward for Time Domain Astronomy

Astronomers at Harvard are working to digitize over 500,000 historic photographic plates obtained between 1985 and 1993. With about ~8% of the plates scanned they are already offering us a unique glimpse into the variability of the universe on a 100 year time scale.

What do we want graduate school to be?

We present responses from more than 400 Astrobites readers to our survey regarding the letter that has been the subject of recent controversy. What do you think this says about the graduate student expereince?

New Astrobites Readership Survey: Please Tell Us About Yourself!

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The Controversy Over Graduate Student Life: What Do YOU Think?

We would like YOUR input on the recent letter pertaining to graduate student life.

The first detected signature of dark matter annihilation?

A flurry of recent papers point to detection of a ~130 GeV gamma-ray emission line from near the Galactic center. If real, this could be the first detection of a signature of annihilating dark matter.

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